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Acrobat PDF

. A good way to keep all your margins, formatting, fonts and graphics intact.
. PDF files are compact and cross platform.
. PDF files can be created directly from Adobe Acrobat software programs without additional software.
. Preferred method of file submission for Macintosh and PC files.
. Software must be purchased to create PDF documents.
. Preparing PDF Files
. To Simplify Production, use the Portable Document Format (PDF)
. When you send your computer files to Lazer Image Printing & Graphics to be printed, there's one sure way to make sure you have accounted for everything you need...the versatile PDF format.
. By saving a document in a "print-ready" format such as PDF, you end up with one file that contains all graphics, fonts, and text needed to reproduce the document, rather than several files of various formats which must be accounted for and linked.

If you have trouble downloading our files, please install or upgrade your software. You can install Adobe Reader click on AdobeĀ®.





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